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New Parents

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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School

Admissions & School Places


Applying for a place

Derbyshire County Council deals with admissions for places at all LA maintained primary, infant, junior and secondary schools.


Parents applying for a place (on time) at Taxal & Fernilee Primary School will be prioritised as follows:


Individual pupils who have a Statement of Special Education Needs or EHCP; then


1  Looked after children

2  Normal Area children (distance from school) who have siblings at the School

3  Normal Area children (distance from school)

4  Children not living in normal area who have siblings at the school

5  VC/Church Schools  - parents who request a place on religious grounds*

6  Other children who request a place (in distance order)

7  Late applications will be considered using the same priorities as above 


When all places have been allocated at a school, and if there are still unplaced children, these children will form the waiting list – in the above order.  The waiting list is then maintained until 31st December. The authority will then keep a list of “continued interest”, which we agree with individual schools as places become available.

*Please note: It is not necessary for you to download the supplementary sheet about religious reasons UNLESS, you live out of the area and are particularly wanting a place on those grounds.  Pupils from within Whaley Bridge and those who already have siblings in school are prioritised above those.  Although we are a Church of England School and our ethos follows Christian beliefs, it is not a requirement for your child to be baptised in order to gain a place.  We welcome children from all races and religions.

When applying for a place in Reception Class, parents may choose up to three schools in priority order on their application form.  Wherever possible the LA tries to allocate places at your preferred school.

Should you require further information about the way that places are prioritised, the link below should take you to the relevant section of the Derbyshire admissions site.


Reception Class application process

The Reception Class application process is open from mid-November to mid-January preceeding the September of entry.  Children are admitted into Reception Class in the September preceeding their 5th birthday (i.e. they have their 5th birthday while they are in Reception Class).  Parents missing the deadline for applications will automatically be put to the bottom of the priority list, so it is important that you apply on time. 

Parents are notified in the April, which school their child has been allocated to. If a place is not available and the application is rejected, parents do have the right to appeal to the Local Authority against the decision.

Parents interested in applying for a place at the school for other year groups should contact the Local Authority to officially apply for the place.  Parents are very welcome to make an appointment to visit the school in order for them to make an informed decision.

The website link to apply for a place: