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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School

An African Adventure by Class 2

The children had a FANTASTIC time performing their play. They put so much effort into it. Their acting, singing and dancing was AMAZING! We were so proud of them as, I am sure, you were too. Thank you again for providing such wonderful costumes. Your very generous donations of £175.76 will ensure the children have a super end of term treat. We will let you know what it is nearer the time. In the meantime, here are just a few photos of the night, including those very cheeky baboons!

Road Safety with Class 2

 The children had a wonderful session with the police today. Don’t worry, none of them were arrested! They came in to teach us about road safety. How to find a safe place to cross, how to “Stop, Look and Listen” for traffic and how to cross safely. The children also learnt how to stay safe on their bikes and scooters and where you can and can’t ride an E-scooter. They also listened to 2 songs to remind us how to cross the road safely.

Year 2 First Aid Training

The children had a wonderful time learning how to do first aid. They learnt how to make a phone call to the emergency services, how to put someone in the recovery position and they even got to learn how to deal with a real life nose bleed!

SATs Week Art Work

We have had such a busy week with our Special Agent Training. In between the training, the children have created some fabulous artwork. They designed a fabulous Collage effect sea, they described and drew their own monsters and they created wonderful piece of collaborative art inspired by the work of plastic bottle artist Veronika Richterova.

Year 2 Pirate Day

 After a very tough week of Special Agent Training, we decided to have a lovely pirate themed day to finish the week off. The children had a super time making clay pirate boats which they put on their sea collages and they really enjoyed creating their own pirate wanted posters. See if you can recognise any of them from our rogue’s gallery. 

Enrichment in Year 2 Spring 2023

Rabbits and Lambs


Sowing Roots

 Year 2 had a visit from Sowing roots who retold the Easter story to them.

The children enjoyed listening to the story and completing all the activities given to them.

Rabbits in Year 2

We were very lucky to have 3 very cute little rabbits visit us in class 2. The children loved watching them hopping around the room and giving them lovely cuddles. They enjoyed watching them eating and playing in their little playpen. The rabbits were very tired at the end of a very busy day!

The Lambs Came to Visit

We were very lucky to have two very cute little lambs visit us. They were only 2 days old! The children enjoyed learning about the different breeds of sheep, what each breed is used for and how many lambs a ewe can have. They found it extremely funny when the lambs had an “accident” on the carpet! As you can see the Texel lamb took a shine to chewing shoelaces!

Celebrating Eid

The children had a lovely session learning about Eid. They loved listening to the children telling them about all about the different things they do to celebrate. They really enjoyed looking at the beautiful clothing the children wore. It was lovely to see the clothes up close.

Spanish Day in Class 2

The children had a lovely time at our Spanish day. They learnt how to say hello and how are you and they learnt how to say lots of different body parts in Spanish. They really enjoyed singing some Spanish songs. The best part of the day was watching them make and taste gazpacho and sangria!

Year 2 Minibeast Hunt


Year 2 Japanese Session


Class 2

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