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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School

Enrichment in Year 4 Spring 2023

Chinese New Year & Paper Crafts


Chinese New Year in Class 4


Year 4 Bridges


Class 4 STEM Challenge

Class 4 were given a challenge to build a bridge that would allow a toy car to travel across a 10 cm gap using only 30 lollipop sticks and some blu-tac!  The children demonstrated great teamwork, determination and did an amazing job.  Well done Class 4!

Class 4 Trip to Buxton

When the train finally arrived at the station(after a 40-minute delay), we set off to Buxton and some of the children experienced their first memorable train journey ever! At The Crescent we learnt so much about the history of Buxton Water, the water cure and even experienced a hot air balloon flight over Buxton in the past. Then we moved over to The Pump Room to conduct some experiments with the help of Mary the Well Woman (Mrs Brookes). In the afternoon we went to Buxton park and played on the equipment before making our way back to the train station for our journey home. I am so proud of the children in Class 4 as we received many compliments from both members of staff at The Crescent and the general public about their behaviour and their politeness. We had a fantastic day!

Class 4 Compound Sentences

 Class 4 have been busy creating compound sentences using co-ordinating conjunctions.

Year 4 Trumpets - Rehearsing for the upcoming concert.


Class 4

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Year 4 Enrichment

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