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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School


At Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School, we want our children to develop an understanding of the processes and features of our wonderful world and to understand the importance of protecting and looking after it.

Our curriculum has been developed by using the National Curriculum as a baseline, but then enhancing it to make sure that we are meeting the needs of the children in our school.  We have based our curriculum upon three distinct strands of learning.


1. Contextual knowledge of places and locations - both terrestrial and marine


2. Understanding the physical and human processes that shape our Earth


3. Developing Geographical skills and fieldwork techniques


We encourage the children to ask questions about the world around them and we provide opportunities for them to find the answers. 

To further enrich our curriculum, the children participate in activities and excursions into the local area and beyond. We live in such a beautiful part of the world, therefore we want the children to appreciate and understand the features of their local area and be able to compare them with places further afield.

If you require further information about the geography curriculum, please contact Miss Ockenden.