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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School

Enrichment at Taxal and Fernilee

Enrichment in school - Summer 2021-2022 

Art Gallery Term 4 - 2021-2022



Enrichment in school - Autumn 1 2022-2023



Year 5 Varjak Paw (Nov 2022)


Blackberry Picking Y3


Year 2 Japanese Session


Year 6 Football tournament


Class 4 Trip to Buxton



Class 3 Mummifying a Sausage (Nov 2022)



 Enrichment in School Spring 2023




Examples of enrichment in recent years 

We have a long tradition of building enrichment activities into our curriculum. Here are some of the activities that we have done in the past. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring the curriculum to life. 

Reception class

Sing a song and record it\play it back.

Visit the local park.


Grow vegetables and make something with the produce.

Forest schools.

Messy play - playing in the mud.

Having a picnic.

Making a miniature garden.

Perfume making.

Visiting Santa or welcoming him to our school.


Year one


Visit a farm.

Junk modeling.

Take part in dressing up and drama activities.


Playing on scooters and bikes.

Visiting the local park and village.

Changing caterpillars into butterflies.


Year two


Changing caterpillars into butterflies.

Hatch chickens from eggs.

Paddle in the river.

Use clay and play dough to make models.

Visit an animal sanctuary.

Watch a pantomime.

Pizza Express visit.

Mad Hatters tea party.

Welcoming visitors from the fire service.


Year three

Go pond dipping.

Climb a tree.

Plant, grow and eat food.

Have a proper picnic.

Collect mini-beasts and make a home for them.

Blackberry picking and making a crumble.

Litter picking.


Hatch chicks from eggs.

Kite flying.

Den making.

Make a working model of a lighthouse/volcano.


Year four

Go to the theatre.

Put up a tent.

Fly a kite.

Cook outdoors.

Make something by sewing/weaving.

Make a working model of a lighthouse/volcano. 

Visit the Buxton Museum.

Welcome a Roman visitor to our school.

Learn a musical instrument.


Play music with other schools.


Year five

Day Walk.

Geocache activity.


Visit/ have experience of an orchestra.


Bread making.

Den making

Take a well behaved dog for a walk.

Volunteer for charity.

Have an overnight residential.

Zipwires and stream scrambles.


Year six


Day walk.

Have an overnight residential.

Business enterprise.

Make a full meal.

Visit a chocolate factory.

Climb a mountain.

Building rafts.

Visit Stockport air raid shelter.

Perform a school play to the parents.