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New Parents

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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School

Reception Trip to Buxton

A lovely visit to the Crescent


Enrichment in Reception Spring 2023


Coronation Fun in Reception


Eid in Reception

On Friday 21st April, it was the festival of Eid Al-Fitr. In Reception we have been learning about how Muslims celebrate together.  We watched a program about Eid Al-Fitr and saw inside the mosque. We talked about the features such as the domes, the crescent moon, the minaret and the call for prayer. We even made our own mosques from construction kits. Especially, we talked about 'Respect' one of our school values. Well done everyone. "Eid Mubarak!" "Happy Eid!"

Teamwork in Reception

Reception class are a great team!

Making Campfires


Reception Class having fun at Forest School



Chinese New Year in Reception


The Tiger Who Came to Tea


Reception Class

This is updated by Mrs Thorogood.

Hello and welcome to Reception class at Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School. Starting school is a big step in the life of your child. Our Reception class is a happy, nurturing and exciting place to learn and grow. Your child will have lots of support to help them to settle into school quickly and happily and to help become familiar with the new routines.

In Reception, learning is creative and fun. The children are at the heart of everything we do. We aspire to have happy, inquisitive, confident and independent learners. Activities are planned to develop the children’s learning by building on their interests, abilities, ideas and experiences. In developing a growth mindset, we encourage the children to have the confidence to ‘have a go’ by giving them time to play and explore both indoors and outdoors. We support the children to persevere and therefore build resilience.

In Reception, we begin to build the foundation of our school ‘SCRIPT’ values of: Strength, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Peace and Tenacity. We have a saying, “Team work makes the dream work” and children work together, taking turns and respecting each other. We celebrate and praise each child’s achievements so they can be proud of themselves and others. It is a privilege to share these experiences and to see each child thrive, develop and achieve both individually and as a class.

We look forward to a strong partnership between home and school throughout the year. If you have anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to come and see us. Our door is always open.



Reception Enrichment

Autumn 2022